Mark Labbett Is Doing A Reddit AMA This Afternoon

Mark Labbett's Howard Stern Dressing Room NametagUPDATE: Here’s the link to the chat. Go to it!

(Hello and welcome, Howard Stern fans!)

Just a heads-up: Mark “The Beast” Labbett from GSN’s The Chase will be doing a (EDIT: livestreamed!) Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session starting at 4:00pm today. He’ll be answering plenty of quiz questions, as well as stuff about his favorite local nights, TCONA, how British quizzers are different from Americans, who’s smarter, what the capital of Greenland is, and what it’s like being so damned large, among hopefully lots of other things.

We’ll add the link when it goes live (Reddit preview thread is here, and BuzzerBlog‘s preview is here), but think about what you could ask him, because you’ll get the chance. (If you don’t have a Reddit account, there’s still time to sign up.)

See you at 4!