“$100,000 Pyramid” Is Casting For Season Two

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It’s always good when a game show gets renewed. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is back for two more years, The Wall is — well, it’s a show that has a tiny bit of trivia in it, so that’s something, and it seems to be doing okay in the ratings, which can’t hurt, and now The $100,000 Pyramid is gearing up for their new season. It’s not a trivia game, but a good quizzer certainly has an edge on a show like this, and hey, they’re going to give away money to someone. Why not you?

They need contestants, and you should be in on this…

“The $100,000 Pyramid” is hosted by Michael Strahan and airs on ABC. We are currently searching for the nation’s most competitive, upbeat and dynamic personalities to play the classic game of Pyramid where you and a celebrity will team up in a quest to test your word association skills to win big money and prizes!

Think of the millions of people who aren’t going to try out for this show. Now think of yourself winning a few grand, or a few dozen grand, or a hundred grand, for sitting in a chair and playing verbal charades with, oh I don’t know, Kathy Griffin or Daveed Diggs or someone else cool and semi- (or super-)famous. Being on game shows is fun. And if you’re too shy, then pass this on to someone else who might want to. And then when they win, make sure they take you out for a real nice thank-you dinner. That way, hey, free dinner! That’s the worst case scenario here!

Apply to be on Pyramid at CastingPyramid.com. Tell them we sent you.

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