Tuesday Trivia Preview: STELLAR! STELLAAAAR!

Hey Stella! We’re still standing, huh? As of right now, Tuesday Trivia is in effect, so bring a friend to our events and wait out the storm with some friends.

If anything changes, we’ll update this post. You might want to just keep this page on auto-refresh, just to be safe.

Check us out these venues:

  • Murphy’s Tavern with Jamie Rosler at 7:00pm, where you can win up to $35 off your tab.
  • Berg’n at 7:30pm with Giana DeGeiso, for great drink specials and a $50 first place prize.
  • The Gael Pub (NOTE: THE GAEL PUB WILL NOT HOLD TRIVIA TONIGHT DUE TO WINTER STORM STELLA) We’ll resume next week at 8:30pm with Mike Gregorek and Terri Pous, featuring a $50 tab as prize, and pitcher specials all night.
  • The Churchill (NOTE: THE CHURCHILL WILL NOT HOLD TRIVIA TONIGHT DUE TO WINTER STORM STELLA). Join our newest venue next week with Mindy Stump. Become a regular and enjoy delicious food and many beers on tap. Win great prizes, too!

Bundle up! We’ll see you tonight!

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