Weekend Trivia Preview: Stacked!

Wow, we have a stacked weekend coming up, folks! Four trivia events over the next two days. Find the one nearest you or suits your fancy.

On Saturday:

  • Quiz Ed: World & Culture is at The Astoria Bookshop. Bring your young geniuses and game enthusiasts and get them ready for the Junior Quizzing Championships! Event begins at 3pm.
  • One Star trivia at 7:30pm, though it gets really popular, so if you want seats, come at 7pm. Allie Kallmann is back, and she’s joining Tony Hightower to make this Saturday night special.

On Sunday:

  • Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor: SoHa has your All Day Happy Hour on the Upper West Side. School’s almost out, so come out, Columbia University, and get your quiz on. Adam Wennick and Keith Stewart are your hosts. Quiz starts at 7pm.
  • Quiz for a Cause, to benefit Astoria Park Alliance at 7pm at QED in Astoria! Tony Hightower is your host, raising money clean up, fix up, and preserve the heart of the community, Astoria Park. Raffles for prizes, beer specials to benefit the alliance, and comedic quizzing are a great combination to end your weekend right.

We’ll see you this weekend, New York!

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