Weekend Trivia Preview: A Quick One, While They’re Away.

This is a pretty big weekend for Trivia NYC! We are simultaneously running TCONA 7, the annual Trivia Championships of North America, in Las Vegas, in addition to One Star on Saturday, we have a double dose of events on Sunday!

  • Saturday night, Wednesday host Theresa Basile and guest Keith Stewart ring you a hot time in Chelsea. Come to One Star, where drinks are too cheap for specials, and enjoy New York’s premiere trivia. Game starts at 7:30, but fills up quick, so get there early.And Sunday, you have 3 chances to catch us in 2 different venues.
  • Come out to the Upper West Side, and spend the evening at Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor: SoHa. At 7pm, Mary Catherine and Keith Stewart have a quiz worthy of Columbia University and ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR to boot.
  • Trivia is Coming…to the Hinterlands Bar! GoT Pre-show Trivia starts at 7pm. Get your geek brain primed. Craig Reid is your hand of the game.

We’ll see you this weekend, New York! 

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