Tuesday Trivia Preview: Churchill’s Finest Hour

Sunday Night, Gary Oldman won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Winston Churchill. Tonight at 7pm, we give you our own Finest Hour, as Trivia NYC returns to The Churchill. Enjoy hearty libations and win cool prizes. It’s a new dawn, a new day, a returning night of trivia. Carissa is your host. 
Check us out at our venues across the city.

  • Parklife tonight at 7pm! Come join Ed Yealu for 2-for-1 beers, Taco Tuesday, and New York’s premium Pub Trivia! First place wins littlefield tickets!
  • Mills Tavern in Hoboken is back. Come hang out with JT at 7:30 and enjoy great specials and prizes.
  • Murphy’s Tavern with Carrie O’Dell at 7:00pm. You can win up to $35 off your tab!
  • Berg’n at 7:30pm with Theresa Basile and Caitlin Wilterdink for great drink specials and a $50 first place prize. See you tonight, Brooklyn!
  • The Gael Pub at 8:30pm with Mike Gregorek and G.K. Williams featuring a $50 tab and pitcher specials all night.We’ll see you tonight, New York!
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