Wednesday Trivia Preview: New Year, New Knowledge

It’s Wednesday, and 2018 is already rolling along! Add “learn something new every day” to your list of resolutions, in the most fun way possible. Get a drink, relax, and enjoy one of our games. Find the location nearest you!  

  • Treehaus Mima tonight at 7pm! Join comedian extraordinaire Vicky Kuperman and win great prizes at this organic wine bar!
  • Amity Hall at 7:30pm with Keith Stewart. We’ve taken over this awesome Greenwich Village spot. Come play our game and win sweet swag.
  • The Wolfhound in Astoria at 8pm with Zach Rich. Come win a round of shots and enjoy good times at this authentic Astoria Irish Pub.
  • One Star at 7pm with Theresa Basile. Our flagship night is so popular, it demands an encore, so come see what all the fuss is about!
  • Loki at 7:30pm. Marti Zabell is your host.
  • Erin Leigh Schmoyer is back at the N4 tap room at Whole Foods Market in Williamsburg, extending Happy Hour and giving away Whole Foods gift cards to the winners.
  • Jason Grabisch is back at The Roof at Whole Foods Market at 7:30pm in Gowanus, also giving away Whole Foods gift cards!
  • Drunken Smartass Olympics at Sláinte with hosts Adam Souza and Chandler Rosenthal. Get seats early, we recommend no later than 7pm.See you tonight, New York!
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