Wednesday Trivia Preview: Taxes Done, Now Some Fun

There are only two constants in life: Death and Taxes. And now that we’re through with one for the year, if you ain’t dead, grab a drink with us! Find the location nearest you. 

Note: Official start time has been changed to 8pm.

Note: Official start time has been changed to 8pm.

  • Amity Hall at 7:30pm with Keith Stewart and JT Tranberg. We’ve taken over this awesome Greenwich Village spot. Come play our game and win sweet swag.
  • The Wolfhound is back in Astoria! This awesome, authentic Irish Pub has all the charm of the auld country and all the beer and whiskey you could need. Twist your brain with Nichole Shortman, your new host, at 8pm. Sweet prizes, including a round of drinks for the winners, are up for grabs.
  • Loki at 7:30pm. Adam Shuler is your host.
  • Craig Reid is back guest hosting at the N4 tap room at Whole Foods in Williamsburg, extending Happy Hour and giving away Whole Foods gift cards to the winners.
  • Jason Grabisch is back at The Roof at Whole Foods at 7:30pm in Gowanus, also giving away Whole Foods gift cards!
  • Drunken Smartass Olympics at Sláinte with Adam Souza and trainee Lindsay Griffin joins him for a great night of trivia. Get seats early, we recommend no later than 7pm.

See you tonight, New York!

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