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TriviaNYC is New York’s best and longest-running weekly trivia series, performing regular live public trivia nights across New York city, as well as private and corporate events. Trivia. Quizzes. Fact-based entertainment. We do it better than anyone.

We’ve been featured extensively in The New York Times and The Village Voice, as well as in The Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, New York Post, LA Times, Newsweek, and on NY1 and Law & Order:SVU.

Tony Hightower

Executive Director & Host

Photo: Sarah Torretta Klock

Musician and karaoke host turned Jeopardy! Champion Tony Hightower oversees every aspect of Trivia NYC, from writing questions and hosting events to promotion, procuring sponsors, and arranging technical details.

During the nine years Tony has been in the quiz business, he’s taken the organization from a once-a-week quiz night in one downtown dive bar to a national phenomenon, serving thousands of quizzers in all four corners of the continent and around the world.

Tony has also written a weekly trivia column for Open Letters Monthly, as well as serving as the Marketing Director and Master of Ceremonies for the Trivia Championships of North America, held every summer in Las Vegas.

A songwriter and former music critic raised in Toronto, Tony moved to New York City in 1999, on the heels of the release of his second album, A Single Angry Word With Tony Hightower. His band left, but Tony stayed in New York, making friends at local quiz nights. In early 2006, he was asked to host a new quiz night, which he named the Drunken Smartass Olympics, at Dempsey’s Pub in the East Village.

– 2015 – Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?: $250,000
– 2011 – Jeopardy!: $23,600 (2 shows)
– 2008 – Cash Cab: $1,400 (solo)
– 2-time Reach For The Top (Canadian HS Quiz Bowl) national champion

That night is now the most popular and longest-running weekly trivia night in New York, with upwards of a hundred people coming each week to play for prizes and the opportunity to play on national game shows. It’s long been a regular stop for Jeopardy! champions, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire winners, and any other brainy celebrities happening through town, testing their knowledge against some of the best quizzers in the city. The company has since expanded into other city neighborhoods, as well as Queens, Brooklyn and New Jersey, with no plans of stopping there. (We’re always looking for new venues. If your bar or club is interested in hosting a regular quiz night, wherever you are, contact us!)

His personal Twitter feed is @chicobangs, and his go-to karaoke song is either the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” or “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul, despite the fact that he’s a baritone.


Jamie Rosler

Managing Director & Host

photo courtesy The NY Times

photo courtesy The NY Times

New York City born and bred, Jamie Rosler has been a performer, a know-it-all, and a leader since the age of 4 (at most).

She grew up in a Jeopardy! household with crossword puzzles, novels, and the news. Her mother taught Spanish and Latin, and her parents watched British comedies and The Highlander in reruns. In her first dance recital’s dress rehearsal, she could be seen pointing out to other girls where they were supposed to be standing during their ballet routine to “Somewhere Out There.” She was a good test taker with atrocious homework habits.

With two degrees in theatre and almost a decade working in hospitality and service, she fumbled her way into the trivia world in 2012 when she answered a casting call that ultimately flew her to London for a week, and introduced Tony Hightower and organized trivia into her adult life. Officially becoming a TriviaNYC host in 2013 with Downtown Trivia Tuesdays at Murphy’s Tavern, you can still see the host Jamie in her natural habitat every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

In December 2014, Jamie left her glamorous job as an office assistant to join Tony in managing TriviaNYC, as there were promises of great wealth and empires at one’s fingertips (TBC).

Other things Jamie does include performing with and managing Rufus Khan–an indie short form improv team with fantastic, funny, and fun monthly shows, planning the return of Truant Arts with her producing partner Bob, and bicycling wherever and whenever possible (weather and tire pressure permitting). You can read reviews she’s written of plays for The Reviews Hub.

She occasionally tweets @jmrosler, and has been paid, several times, to shave her head. See her solo show for details (coming to a stage of some kind at some point).


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