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Tuesday Trivia Preview: Super! Thanks for Asking!

It’s a super Tuesday, and we’ve got a great slate of events for you tonight. Check us out at our venues across the city. Check us out at our venues across the city. 

  • The Churchill at 7pm, where we give you our own Finest Hour. Enjoy hearty libations and win cool prizes. It’s a new dawn, a new day, a returning night of trivia. Carissa is your host.
  • Parklife tonight at 7pm! Come join Ed Yealu for 2-for-1 beers, Taco Tuesday, and New York’s premium Pub Trivia! First place wins littlefield tickets!
  • Mills Tavern in Hoboken is back. Come hang out with JT at 7:30 and enjoy great specials and prizes.
  • Murphy’s Tavern with Carrie O’Dell at 7:00pm. You can win up to $35 off your tab!
  • Berg’n at 7:30pm with Theresa Basile and Caitlin Wilterdink for great drink specials and a $50 first place prize. See you tonight, Brooklyn!
  • The Gael Pub at 8:30pm with G.K. Williams featuring a $50 tab and pitcher specials all night.We’ll see you tonight, New York!

Weekend Trivia Preview: Back to QED!

It’s another fabulous weekend, New York, and we’ve got four events for you! Our Saturday night staple and a trio of sweet events for your quizzing pleasure!

  • Saturday Night, join hosts John Chaneski and Tony Hightower at One Star, where you can enjoy New York’s premiere trivia. Game starts at 7:30, but fills up quick, so get there early for a hot time in Chelsea.

And on Sunday, we’ve got a trio of events around the city.

  • QED: A Place to Show & Tell at 7:30pm, our #QuizForACause series enters its third year, as we hold a special benefit for the Red Hook Neighborhood Elementary School get some robotics equipment! As always, there’s a raffle for bigger prizes. We’re looking to raise at least $200, so bring a few extra bucks if you can.
  • Trivia is Still Here…at the Hinterlands Bar! Starting at 7pm, Craig Reid gets your geek brain primed.

We’ll see you this weekend, New York!

Thursday Trivia Preview: Take Me In

Get yourself a (hot)drink, grab some grub, and enjoy our pub quiz in Brooklyn tonight.

  • Come to B61 and play with John Chaneski. Enjoy this great pub quiz in Carroll Gardens. Also, these are some of the best nachos you’ll ever have. $25 bar tab on the line for the team that wins!

We’ll see you tonight, New York!

Wednesday Trivia Preview: New Faces Rising

It’s another wicked Wednesday, folks! Add “learn something new every day” to your list of resolutions, in the most fun way possible. Get a drink, relax, and enjoy one of our games. Find the location nearest you!

Note: Official start time has been changed to 8pm.

Note: Official start time has been changed to 8pm.

  • Treehaus Mima tonight at 7pm! Join comedian extraordinaire Vicky Kuperman and win great prizes at this organic wine bar!
  • Amity Hall at 7:30pm with Keith Stewart. We’ve taken over this awesome Greenwich Village spot. Come play our game and win sweet swag.
  • The Wolfhound in Astoria, New York at 8pm with Zach Rich. Come win a round of shots and enjoy good times at this authentic Astoria Irish Pub.
  • One Star at 7pm with Theresa Basile. Our flagship night is so popular, it demands an encore, so come see what all the fuss is about!
  • Loki at 7:30pm. Marti Zabell is joined by Adam Shuler for hosting duties.
  • Erin Leigh is back at the N4 tap room at Whole Foods in Williamsburg, extending Happy Hour and giving away Whole Foods gift cards to the winners.
  • Jason Grabisch is back at The Roof at Whole Foods at 7:30pm in Gowanus, also giving away Whole Foods gift cards!
  • Drunken Smartass Olympics at Sláinte with hosts Adam Souza and newcomer (or returning fave) Sean Smith. Get seats early, we recommend no later than 7pm.

See you tonight, New York!

Sunday Trivia Preview: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Lazy Sunday? Why not grab a drink and learn something! Check out a double dose of trivia events in opposite sides of the city.  

  • On the Upper West Side, spend the evening at Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor. At 7pm, Adam Wennick and Keith Stewart are back, and have a quiz worthy of Columbia University and ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR to boot.
  • Trivia is Still Here…at the Hinterlands Bar! We’ve got your deep Brooklyn Trivia, starting at 7pm, kick your week off right. Craig Reid is your hand of the game.

We’ll see you tonight, New York!

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