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Weekend Trivia Preview: Viva la Trivia

We about to have us some fun.

We about to have us some fun.

Oh man, it’s wet out there. But guess what? It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby. And to celebrate, we have two awesome chances for your trivia good times. Check out One Star on Saturday, and Sunday, enjoy Arts & Crafts.

Saturday, John Chaneski and Tony Hightower are back once again. They’re hosting at One Star, and they’ve got great prizes for you. Bring your friends, bring your brains, bring your thirst. This will be popular, so get there early. Quiz starts at 7:30pm, but we recommend by 7pm if you want seats.

On Sunday, up on the Upper West Side, Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor brings you one of our most popular nights, right across the street from Columbia University. Adam Wennick and Keith Stewart host, with great prizes, including 50% off for first place. Plus ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR. Quiz starts at 7pm.

See you this weekend, New York!

Thursday Trivia Preview: Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day from all us geeks at Trivia NYC!

Happy Star Wars Day from all us geeks at Trivia NYC!

May the Fourth Be With You! It may not be a Jedi holiday, but Thursdays are the beginning of the weekend, and we have a pair of nights to get it started right tonight. Get out and play. Enjoy!

  • Bierstrasse is a sweet beer garden in Harlem, and it’s about to be peak season. If you’re in Hamilton Heights, and/or you live near CCNY, this is where the party starts. This top notch beer garden offers delicious German fare and a bunch of beers on tap, that can be ordered from the half pint up to the boot. Adam Wennick and Craig Reid are your hosts. Quiz kicks off at 7pm.
  • At B61, John Chaneski brings you your favorite game show quality questions, a killer audio round, and cool prizes. Come hang out with our Creative Director and the puzzle guru for NPR’s Ask Me Another. Game begins at 7:30, but we recommend getting there early, because you need to get these nachos. Seriously, best in Brooklyn.

We’ll see you tonight, New York!

Wednesday Trivia Preview: Rite of Spring Fever

It’s another wicked Wednesday, folks. So come out tonight! There are tons of prizes on our most stacked night of events, in 3 of the 5 boroughs, just waiting for you to take them home. Find the location nearest you, and keep the Quiz Cup going. 

Know who this is? It could be an answer. Or not. Come out and see for yourself.

  • Brooklyn Ate Bar? has 50 cent wings, small batch bourbons, outlandish fries creations, and tons of taps. Come by 7:30pm. Erin Leigh Schmoyer? and Robert Price? have got you covered, giving away awesome prizes.
  • At Loki Brooklyn?, Jacquie Chmura? has got all kinds of goodness for you. The Bronx Brewery? and Ommegang? have specials, and sponsor our top prize: a $40 off your bar tab! 2nd Prize is $20 off your tab There are tons of other prizes, including a fireball whiskey shot and books from The Astoria Bookshop?. Quiz starts at 7:30 in the Slope.
  • The Wolfhound? in Astoria is a contender for Best Bar in Astoria, and the trivia earns its own belt. Adam Souza? is back hosting tonight, so take a swig, a shot, and a seat. At 7:30, you can get your drink and game on, and win sweet, sweet stuff.
  • Adrienne Sowers? is back hosting at the N4 tap room at Whole Foods Market? in Williamsburg, extending Happy Hour and giving away Whole Foods gift cards to the winners.
  • Come hang out with Jason Grabisch? on the roof at Whole Foods  at 7:30pm in Gowanus, also giving away Whole Foods gift cards!
    • Drunken Smartass Olympics at Sláinte? with the dream team of Chandler Rosenthal? and Tony Hightower?. They’re bringing along new trainee Adam Shuler?. Get seats early, we recommend no later than 7pm.

See you tonight, New York!

Q&A Trivia Podcast 108: Jewels & Gym

We’re back after a short break to quiz you, not on the 1962 classic Truffaut romance (which if you haven’t seen it, oh man, it’s a masterpiece), but on famous JEWELS, and GYMNASIUMS, or gymnasia, or, ah hell, gyms is fine.

** We’re brought to you this week by the TRIVIA CHAMPIONSHIPS OF NORTH AMERICA, happening August 4-6, 2017 in Las Vegas. It’s so much more than just competitions; it’s game show simulations, app demonstrations, tryouts, cosplay, and the chance to rub elbows with the greatest game show champions that have ever lived. Go to TCONA.COM and enter “QANDA” at checkout for a 15% discount on your already-low registration today! **

This week, Tony Hightower (@chicobangs) and John Chaneski (@chaneski) take you on a boozy ride through 31 questions on Jewels & Gyms, as well as our Name Threes round, where logic gives way to free-association, just a little bit.

We record this live, every Saturday, from One Star Bar in Chelsea. Come see us live to catch things that didn’t make the podcast, and perhaps win some prizes. Let us know how we can make this better!

Thanks for listening, and if you dug it, tell whoever you can, however you can. (If you don’t, tell us. We want to be your top live trivia entertainment value.)

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Quiz Cup of New York Season 4, Week 1 Recap – And We’re Off!

It wouldn’t be the Quiz Cup without a few surprises right off the bat. This week, the defending champions, Pierce Brosnan Runs Like A Girl, stuttered ever so slightly out of the gate due to an odd countdown question, and the slight uptick in difficulty threw teams all week long.
(Cue THIS AIN’T KINDERGARTEN ANYMORE & other random stone-cold machismo).

Really, though, there’s a reason that a QCNY Season is eight weeks long, and why you can get multiple kicks at the can every week. Trivia is a weird animal. Hard to tame, sometimes petulant, but when you master it, even for a few questions at a time, it can be the best friend you ever had. When you string a few facts together, suddenly the world is a little better, the sun shines brighter, the weather gets warmer, and everyone you meet is just that much more awesome. Discovering that you know something you didn’t know you knew? That’s a great feeling.

And with a record number of teams playing this season, we’ve got a massive wave of awesome washing through the city. Are you a part of it?

You can look at the full Week 1 score table here.

And we’ll end with one of the songs from last week’s audio round, from Scotland’s greatest-ever band.

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