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Monday Trivia Preview: New Normal?

You know who this is. Or do you? How well? Come out and see.

You know who this is. Or do you? How well? Come out and see.

Folks, it’s another Monday. The trains are back to whatever passes for normal these days, and so are we. And you know what’s up tonight.

Come out to Agozar Cuban Restaurant and test your knowledge tonight at 7pm. Eric Austin is back at the helm, bringing you sweet prizes, including tickets to ComedySportz. Enjoy drink specials all night! Hay mojitos y especialidades, ALL NIGHT LONG.

We’ll see you tonight, New York!

Weekend Trivia Preview: Stacked!

Wow, we have a stacked weekend coming up, folks! Four trivia events over the next two days. Find the one nearest you or suits your fancy.

On Saturday:

  • Quiz Ed: World & Culture is at The Astoria Bookshop. Bring your young geniuses and game enthusiasts and get them ready for the Junior Quizzing Championships! Event begins at 3pm.
  • One Star trivia at 7:30pm, though it gets really popular, so if you want seats, come at 7pm. Allie Kallmann is back, and she’s joining Tony Hightower to make this Saturday night special.

On Sunday:

  • Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor: SoHa has your All Day Happy Hour on the Upper West Side. School’s almost out, so come out, Columbia University, and get your quiz on. Adam Wennick and Keith Stewart are your hosts. Quiz starts at 7pm.
  • Quiz for a Cause, to benefit Astoria Park Alliance at 7pm at QED in Astoria! Tony Hightower is your host, raising money clean up, fix up, and preserve the heart of the community, Astoria Park. Raffles for prizes, beer specials to benefit the alliance, and comedic quizzing are a great combination to end your weekend right.

We’ll see you this weekend, New York!

Thursday Trivia Preview: Spread Love, It’s the Brooklyn Way.

Rest in Peace to one of the most powerful voices in music.

Rest in Peace to one of the most powerful voices in music.

We’re so excited! It’s Thursday, and tonight, we are adding a new trivia venue in Downtown Brooklyn to the Trivia NYC lineup.

  • Atlantic Social is joining the ranks, and tonight, in the shadow of the Barclays Center, we kick things off at 7:30pm. Christopher Fennell is your host for the evening. Enjoy specialty cocktails and fusion food, tons of beers, and of course, the best reviewed trivia in New York. So if you’re anywhere off the Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center subway stop, come on through!
  • Bierstrasse is a sweet beer garden in Harlem, and it’s about to be peak season. If you’re in Hamilton Heights, Manhattan, and/or you live near The City College of New York, this is where the party starts. This top notch beer garden offers delicious German fare and a bunch of beers on tap, that can be ordered from the half pint up to the boot. Adam Wennick and Craig Reid are together again as your hosts. Quiz kicks off at 7pm.
  • At B61, John Chaneski brings you your favorite game show quality questions, a killer audio round, and cool prizes. Come hang out with our Content Director and the puzzle guru for NPR’s Ask Me Another. Game begins at 7:30, but we recommend getting there early, because you need to get these nachos. Seriously, best in Brooklyn.We’ll see you tonight, New York!

Wednesday Trivia Preview: Oh, what a night!

One of the greats is a subject of a question tonight. Or not? Knowing could make you the greatest too. Or just give you a point.

One of the greats is a subject of a question tonight. Or not? Knowing could make you the greatest too. Or just give you a point.

Oh, what a beautiful Wednesday! Folks, it’s lovely out, so come out tonight! There are tons of prizes on our most stacked night of events, in 3 of the 5 boroughs, just waiting for you to take them home. Find the location nearest you, and keep the Quiz Cup going.

  • Brooklyn Ate Bar has 50 cent wings, small batch bourbons, outlandish fries creations, and tons of taps. Come by 7:30pm. Erin Leigh Schmoyer and Robert Price have got you covered, giving away awesome prizes.
  • At Loki Brooklyn, Jacquie Chmura has all kinds of goodness just for you. The Bronx Brewery and Ommegang have specials, and sponsor our top prize: $40 off your bar tab! 2nd Prize is $20 off your tab! There are tons of other prizes, including a fireball whiskey shot and books from The Astoria Bookshop. Quiz starts at 7:30 in the Slope.
  • The Wolfhound in Astoria is a contender for Best Bar in Astoria, and the trivia earns its own belt. Zach Rich is back hosting tonight, so take a swig, a shot, and a seat. At 7:30, you can get your drink and game on, and win sweet, sweet stuff.
  • Adrienne Sowers hosts at the N4 tap room at Whole Foods Market in Williamsburg, extending Happy Hour and giving away Whole Foods gift cards to the winners.
  • Come hang out with Jason Grabisch at The Roof at Whole Foods Market at 7:30pm in Gowanus, also giving away Whole Foods gift cards!
  • Drunken Smartass Olympics at Sláinte with Tony Hightower, Sean Smith, and trainee Kim. Get seats early, we recommend no later than 7pm.

See you tonight, New York!

Tuesday Trivia Preview: Night of the Trivia

On the other hand, it says TNYC! Or does it? Come out and find out.

On the other hand, it says TNYC! Or does it? Come out and find out.

You’ve heard of Two-fer Tuesday? Well, we’ve got five on it. We have events all over the city, in Midtown East, Financial District, Brooklyn, and the Upper East Side. So bring a friend, or four and beat the rain.
Check us out these venues, and meet all our new hosts!

  • Bryant Park, the Southwest Porch (presented by Southwest Airlines) at 6pm. Join Vicky Kuperman and Paul O’Neill to kick off the happiest hour, and enjoy trivia at sunset. Become a regular today.
  • The Churchill at 7pm with Mindy Stump. Enjoy delicious food and the many beers on tap. Win great prizes, too!
  • Murphy’s Tavern with Jamie Rosler at 7:00pm, where you can win up to $35 off your tab, and meet our new trainee, Adam Shuler.
  • Berg’n at 7:30pm with Theresa Basile and Giana DeGeiso, for great drink specials and a $50 first place prize.
  • The Gael Pub at 8:30pm with Mike Gregorek and Mary Catherine, featuring a $50 tab and pitcher specials all night.

We’ll see you tonight, New York!

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