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Q&A Trivia Cast 105: Knives, Lions, Flight of the Conchords

This week: Questions on SHARP THINGS, LIONS, and the FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS. Among many other things.

** We’re brought to you this week by LIFE, the new film starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds. Tweet your score in today’s podcast to us at @TriviaNYC, and we’ll enter you in a draw to win prize packs, tickets to the premiere, & more! **

 Live from One Star Bar in Chelsea, Quizzing North America & TriviaNYC present Q&A, a live podcast that takes you to a packed house of quizzers every Saturday night for 31 questions of great trivia about stuff that matters, or doesn’t.

This week, Tony Hightower (@chicobangs) and John Chaneski (@chaneski) take you on a well-lubricated trip through questions about things that can cut you, Lions (in honor of Terrence Howard, whose birthday was last week), as well as our Name Threes round, where logic gives way to free-association, just a little bit.

We record this live, every Saturday, from One Star Bar in Chelsea. Come see us live to catch things that didn’t make the podcast, and perhaps win some prizes. Let us know how we can make this better!

Thanks for listening, and if you dug it, tell whoever you can, however you can. (If you don’t, tell us. We want to be your top live trivia entertainment value.)

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Wednesday Trivia Preview: Charm and Whiskey Edition

I really, really hope this woman is eating her vegetables and doing her yoga.

I really, really hope this woman is eating her vegetables and doing her yoga.

Why is Wednesday spelled like that? We have the answers to better questions than that. Get your hands on tons of prizes to win at our most stacked night of events.

  • Brooklyn Ate Bar has all kinds of delicious food and drink options. Enjoy 50 cent wings, small batch bourbons, outlandish fries creations, and tons of taps. Come by at 7:30pm. Erin Leigh Schmoyer and Robert Price bring comic charm as your hosts, giving away awesome prizes.
  • Loki Lounge at 7:30pm with Jacquie Chmura. First place wins a $30 bar tab. Second place is a pitcher of The Bronx Brewery beer. Third Place wins one shot of fireball for your whole team. And if your team guesses the theme to the audio round, you get a special prize of the night!
  • The Wolfhound in Astoria is overflowing with charm and Whiskey, in preparation for Friday. Zach Rich is your host, and at 7:30, you can get your drink and game on and win sweet, sweet prizes.
  • Come hang out with Jason Grabisch on the roof at Whole Foods Market at 7:30pm in Gowanus, giving away Whole Foods gift cards!
  • Drunken Smartass Olympics at Sláinte NYC with Tony Hightower! Get seats early, we recommend no later than 7pm.

We’ll see you tonight, New York!

Tuesday Trivia Preview: STELLAR! STELLAAAAR!

Hey Stella! We’re still standing, huh? As of right now, Tuesday Trivia is in effect, so bring a friend to our events and wait out the storm with some friends.

If anything changes, we’ll update this post. You might want to just keep this page on auto-refresh, just to be safe.

Check us out these venues:

  • Murphy’s Tavern with Jamie Rosler at 7:00pm, where you can win up to $35 off your tab.
  • Berg’n at 7:30pm with Giana DeGeiso, for great drink specials and a $50 first place prize.
  • The Gael Pub (NOTE: THE GAEL PUB WILL NOT HOLD TRIVIA TONIGHT DUE TO WINTER STORM STELLA) We’ll resume next week at 8:30pm with Mike Gregorek and Terri Pous, featuring a $50 tab as prize, and pitcher specials all night.
  • The Churchill (NOTE: THE CHURCHILL WILL NOT HOLD TRIVIA TONIGHT DUE TO WINTER STORM STELLA). Join our newest venue next week with Mindy Stump. Become a regular and enjoy delicious food and many beers on tap. Win great prizes, too!

Bundle up! We’ll see you tonight!

Monday Trivia Preview: It’s The End Of An Era

This may be a hint for tonight.

This may be a hint for tonight.

How should you feel when it gets so cold? Well, you can warm your brain and your soul with a couple of good times tonight. Get your week started off right with TriviaNYC, and get a quiz in before tomorrow’s snowpocalypse.

Here’s where you can play tonight:

  • In the Bowery/East Village: Agozar Cuban Restaurant (7:00 pm). Your host Eric Austin brings the smiles and offers sweet prizes, including tickets to ComedySportz, and tons more. There are also drink specials all night.
  • In Astoria: Snowdonia (7:00 pm). All good things must come to an end, and after nearly three years, this will be the final trivia night at Snowdonia. Adam Souza sends it off in style, and there are pitcher specials, bar tabs, swag packages, and free theater tickets to be had. So bring your brains, bring your friends, and bring your thirst for the final countdown.

We’ll see you tonight, NYC!

Quiz For A Cause: March 19, for Planned Parenthood

TriviaNYC and Quizzing North America are proud to present the latest event in our “Quiz For A Cause” series, I Stand With Planned Parenthood.

The third Sunday of every month at QED in Astoria, we’re honored to present a benefit quiz for people & groups that need it. This month (and almost definitely not for the last time), we get to raise a few bucks for Planned Parenthood New York and the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

RSVP at this link to guarantee a table!

Planned Parenthood does so much for health care, and when a clinic closes in a community, the effects are immediate and often severe. Despite the importance of the work they do, they are in danger from changes in funding laws and misguided legislation. Let’s band together to make sure women’s basic health needs (as well as men’s) are accessible to everyone in this country, and around the world. Every bit helps.

The trivia will have a distinctly female theme, but we promise to keep it light, as long as you open your wallets.

We’ll be raffling off prizes all night, including packages from Life, starring Jake Gyllenhaal & Ryan Reynolds, and The Play That Goes Wrong, (J.J. Abrams on Broadway!), as well as packages from Frames Bowling Lounge, Blue Point Brewery, and tons of other sponsors.

It’ll be a great night, hosted by the excellent Mike Gregorek. Come, have fun, play & win some great prizes, and know you’ve done something good for reproductive healthcare around the world.

We’re all about big, fun nights that do a lot of good. Let’s make this one count.


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