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Tuesday Trivia Preview: Back at Brookfield, Baby!

We’ve got SIX events all over the city tonight. So assemble your squad and quiz on.
Check us out these venues, and meet all our new hosts!

  • Bryant Park, the Southwest Porch (presented by Southwest Airlines) at 6pm. Join Vicky Kuperman and Paul O’Neill to kick off the happiest hour, and enjoy trivia at sunset. Become a regular today!
  • Brookfield Place New York, the Coloring Bar on the Upper Plaza at 6pm. Sean Smith and Adam Shuler are your hosts, keeping it going and going in Battery Park.
  • Mills Tavern in Hoboken at 7pm. We have crossed the Hudson! Come check out this new spot and become a regular AFTER your PATH commute. Kim Roth is your host, getting the party started in the birthplace of Sinatra.
  • The Churchill is back tonight at 7pm. Mindy Stump is your host, bringing back pub quiz with a vengeance.
  • Murphy’s Tavern with Tony Hightower and Carrie O’Dell at 7:00pm. You can win up to $35 off your tab.
  • Berg’n at 7:30pm with Theresa Basile and Giana DeGeiso, for great drink specials and a $50 first place prize.
  • The Gael Pub at 8:30pm with Mike Gregorek and Mary Catherine, featuring a $50 tab and pitcher specials all night.

We’ll see you tonight, New York!

Monday Trivia Preview: Hot Time, Summer In The City

Stop by our new Monday Event on the Upper East Side

Stop by our new Monday Event on the Upper East Side!

It’s Monday, New York, and you have two chances to play some great trivia to start your week right. In addition to our night in the Bowery, we have a brand new spot on the Upper East Side.

  • Come out to Agozar Cuban Restaurant and test your knowledge tonight at 7pm. Eric Austin is back at the helm, bringing you sweet prizes, including tickets to ComedySportz. Enjoy drink specials all night! Hay mojitos y especialidades, ALL NIGHT LONG.
  • We also have a new night on the Upper East Side! Vinus & Marc on 2nd Avenue, right next to the 96th street stop on the 2nd Avenue line, is our newest night. Sophisticated, yet comfortable, this nimble bar deserves a top quality trivia. Adam Souza is your host. Night starts at 8pm. Become regulars today!

We’ll see you tonight, New York!

Sunday Trivia Preview: Oouuuut Tonight!

This Sunday is spectacular!

Come out to Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor for your All Day Happy Hour on the Upper West Side?. School’s out, so come out, Columbia University, and get your quiz on. Adam Wennick and Keith Stewart are your hosts. Quiz starts at 7pm.

We are also hosting a Tony’s watch party at QED! It’s a $5.00 suggested donation! Show starts at 7pm. Enjoy some Theatrical Trivia in between musical numbers and genuine wit and joy during an Awards Show telecast. Bring your smart and sassy friends! Tony Hightower is the emcee of this quiz cabaret! 

And don’t forget, on Monday at 8pm, come check out trivia at Vinus & Marc. Come up to the Upper East Side to 2nd Avenue and 94th street and become a regular tomorrow.

We’ll see you tonight, New York!

Saturday Trivia Preview: Stayin’ Alive!

This charming "purple man" made his big break in...what?

This charming “purple man” made his big break in…what?

It’s Saturday folks!

This was a dramatic week, so blow off the appropriate amount of steam at ?One Star for trivia at 7:30pm. It gets really popular, so if you want seats, come at 7pm. John Chaneski and Tony Hightower  are back to make this Saturday night special.

We’ll see you tonight, New York!

Thursday Trivia Preview: Let’s All Go To The Lobby Of The Paul Hotel

This guy refuses to be upstaged by pop stars, congressional testimony, or anyone. If you know him, that may help. Or not.

This guy refuses to be upstaged by pop stars, congressional testimony, or anyone. If you know him, that may help. Or not.

It’s Thursday, and tonight we are starting a new night in Chelsea, Manhattan. The Paul Hotel is the place to be at 7:30. Robert Price pairs comedy and trivia together for a fun time in a cozy hotel lobby bar. Kick off your weekend and become a regular. You can also play tonight at:

  • Atlantic Social in the shadow of the Barclays Center, kicks things off at 7:30pm. Chris fennell is your host for the evening. Enjoy specialty cocktails and fusion food, tons of beers, and of course, the best reviewed trivia in New York. So if you’re in anywhere off the Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center stop, come on through!
  • Bierstrasse a sweet beer garden in Harlem, and it’s about to be peak season. If you’re in Hamilton Heights, and/or you live near CCNY, this is where the party starts. This top notch beer garden offers delicious German fare and a bunch of beers on tap, that can be ordered from the half pint up to the boot. Craig Reid and Adam Wennick are together again as your hosts. Quiz kicks off at 7pm.
  • At B61, John Chaneski brings you your favorite game show quality questions, a killer audio round, and cool prizes. Come hang out with our Content Director and the puzzle guru for NPR’s Ask Me Another. Game begins at 7:30, but we recommend getting there early, because you need to get these nachos. Seriously, best in Brooklyn.

We’ll see you tonight, New York!

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