Q&A Podcast: Ports, Storms, Bacne, Listicles & Smog

RSS linkMan, did we ever learn so much from last week’s episode. This week, we’re far closer to getting the hang of this.

Live from One Star Bar in Chelsea, Quizzing North America & TriviaNYC present Q&A, a live podcast that takes you to a jumping joint every Saturday night for 31 questions of great trivia about stuff that matters, or doesn’t.

This week, Tony Hightower (@chicobangs) and John Chaneski (@Chaneski) take you on a boozy, breezy trip through questions about Ports, Storms, our Name Threes round, plus plenty of banter about nicknames, listicles, hacktivism, smog, big brown mushrooms, and plenty more.

We record this live, every Saturday, from One Star Bar in Chelsea. Come see us live to catch things there wasn’t time for in the podcast, and let us know how we can make this better!

Thanks for listening, and if you dug it, tell whoever you can, however you can. (If you don’t, tell us. We want to be good for you, good for you, oh-oh…)

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