Your Location, Our Trivia Expertise.

Host the most authentic live trivia events in New York City! Have your patrons practice their trivia skills and compete with other NYC locals.

Why Trivia?

Need a fun new activity for your next meeting or social gathering? Our trivia events provide the perfect solution!

Bar Trivia

Ever notice how Fridays are “Trivia Night” at every other  bar and restaurant? Why not yours? We’ve been serving up weekly live trivia across dozens of NYC bars and restaurants since 2009. By hosting a trivia event at your bar or restaurant, you can start driving more traffic through the door, while building a loyal group of patrons who keep on coming back for more!

Private Events

What’s your favorite kind of trivia? Whether it’s about the Middle Ages or old movies, we have just the event for you! Our team brings their love for all things trivia to hundreds of special occasions. We work with clients to host simple bar meetups, large cooperate meetings and everything in between. With our world-class trivia events back in full swing, New York City just never gets boring!


TriviaNYC is New York’s longest-running and best-loved trivia event company, hosting the Trivia Championships of North America (TCONA), a competition held annually in Las Vegas over the last decade, as well as Quiz Cup NY (QCNY), an inter-bar trivia event across New York. This is live quiz night at its best! Contact us today and we’ll set up an event for you anywhere in the city!

Live Trivia at Your Location

Let us bring the game of trivia to you! Trivia NYC is ready for any type of occasion – big or small, corporate events, private parties…you name it! Our hosts are friendly but knowledgable all while keeping the pace lively and engaging so no one will be bored even if they don’t know much about what they’re being quizzed on!

Whether it’s a large or small group, we’re happy to cater your event and provide the best in trivia services that’ll keep everyone on their toes!

How it Works?

We've Brought Live Trivia To Some of the Best Bars & Restaurants in NYC… ​

Challenge Your Trivia Spirit

Our hosts know how to make a room full of strangers feel like they’re old friends. Our team is made up of professionally trained hosts, committed to ensuring well-rounded questions and small door prizes that get customers excited about coming back!

Customizing Your Bar Night

We want to make your memories special. Let us know what kind of trivia would best suit the interests of your group. We offer some suggestions for topics based on how confident we think each person will be about their knowledge-level—or even customize questions just for them!


Party Planning Made Easy

Tasked with throwing the ultimate party, but can’t figure out how to make it interesting? Worry not, our team of professional game masters will come out to your location ready for a night full of challenging questions and amazing prizes!

Make Friends Through Trivia

Whether you are looking to build a bigger crowd, or keep your old one entertained, we’re here to help you out. With our team-building trivia events, friends and strangers can grow closer together, while enjoying everything else that your location has to offer!

"Our client seemed very into it and engaged. Thanks for a great event!"
At a Top 5 Law Firm
"That was awesome! Lots of side bar convo between teams happening and people had a lot of fun."
Head of Employee Engagement
$50B Private Equity Firm
"Thank you so much for last night!! I got a flood of emails this morning saying how much fun everyone had. Great questions and great hosting!"
Office Administrator
$3B Hedge Fund

Make winning fun for everyone at your next big event in New York City!