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Tonight, We Move On Up…

This could be you!

…to our deee-luxe apartment in the Sin Bin!

In defiance of the movement of the VERY SUN ITSELF, your humble triviamongers move to the East side tonight, with our brand new weekly Tuesday night at The Sin Bin, in the shadow of the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, or as we locals call it: “The — the bridge. You know, the, the one. What, it’s not Brooklyn, whaddya want?

Adam Souza, karaoke star and longtime Snowdonia Sundays denizen, takes the reins and will bring his mellifluous baritone and arch sense of humor to this, our newest shot at the title. Come on down and say hi, and maybe win something!

The Sin Bin is a great little hockey bar on 1st Avenue, literally in the shadow of the bridge. We’ll see you tonight!

If you’re not in midtown, we are on in Astoria at the Raven’s Head and downtown at Murphy’s tonight as well. Really, if you stay home and have a miserable time, don’t blame us. We’ve done all we can.

Brooklyn Fire Proof

Trivia NYC - Brooklyn Fireproof Thursdays. It's what Kanye would want.When we first started hosting trivia nights, back in the Pleistocene Era, when dinosaurs were the only quizzers and our history questions were little more than “What species did you eat this morning?” and “What’s the name of Eve’s current boyfriend?”, we got our start hosting trivia in live music clubs and art spaces. The tradition of pub trivia in, y’know, pubs, had sort of happened, but we found that galleries and rock clubs were a better fit for us, at least at the beginning.

Tonight, we go back to those roots a bit with our debut Thursday Night at Brooklyn Fireproof (technically in East Williamsburg, but really it’s right on the East Burg/Bushwick border). We start at 8:00, and we’ll be running right through to 10:00, when bands take over afterward. The bar area is in the next room over, in case you want to hang out and chat afterward or the band isn’t really your thing, but it’s a hive of activity everywhere. Tonight, the Japanese collective The Art Beasties is having an opening exhibition that will be running all night, so not only can you come and play trivia, win some prizes and get your drink on like normal, but you’ll get some culture in you, and maybe hear something good besides.

Ye gods, it’s just like the olde days. The flower of my youth. Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end.

Jamie & Jennifer will be hosting. I’ll be there drinking it all in. And by “it” I of course mean whiskey & ginger. This weather’s gonna break soon. It has to. Join us!

Beautiful “Chase” Posters from Tom Whalen

Tom Whalen - The Beast (I prefer it in blue, but there's two colors)Tom Whalen is an amazing graphic artist, and he’s a fan of The Chase, so it only followed that he’d take the, erm, roundness of Mark Labbett and the angles of Brooke Burns and make a poster for the show. I think it looks amazing.

There are two variants, and he’s only doing a limited edition of 100 of each, so if you’d like one, get in touch with him right away.

Also, do check out his other stuff. He’s clearly got an eye for this sort of thing, and I like his taste. (Black Keys? Charlie Brown? What’s Opera, Doc? You have my attention.)

UPDATE: BuzzerBlog is giving a few prints away for free. Get on it! I can’t imagine that’ll last long.



Trivia At The Beer Hall In Astoria? Tonight?

Bohemian Hall WednesdaysIf you’ve ever been to the Bohemian Hall in Astoria, it was probably during the summertime for Czech beers, amazing sausage & schnitzel, and perhaps some oompah bands (or one of the last places you could smoke while sitting at your table). Well, it’s too cold to play outside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get our quiz on inside until the weather thaws, and starting tomorrow, we’re going to try an awesome quiz in the warm confines of New York’s oldest beer garden.

Matt Archambault & Samantha Brown will be your hosts, and they bring a ton of experience to the room. We have some really special prizes to give away at that location, including tickets to see Hamlet at the Lynn Redgrave Theater, plus lots of other prizes courtesy of GSN’s The Chase, Chicken Soup For The Soul, Blue Man Group and lots more.

Oh, and of course there’s beer. Oh, my mercy, there’s the best imported beer in the city, and cheap as local. Come hungry and thirsty, for sure.

Come, pass it on! Be a part of this growing experiment in city-wide quizzing, and help us be good for you, for this city, and most importantly, for the beer. The beer deserves no less.

See you tonight!




Monday Preview: New Sponsors!

Almost, Maine - Buy discount tickets with code AMBWIN1Some of you might have the day off today, but we are very much on and giving stuff away! Come on out and win something! It’s totally what the good Reverend Dr. King would have wanted. Totally.

We’re at Social Bar in Midtown with Elana and Lisa hosting, and The Gate In Brooklyn, with Tony & Jamie, and in both locations, we’ve got some new sponsors to give you nice things:

  • Tonight, we’re giving away tickets to the new play Almost, Maine, now playing at the Judson Theater. (We also have discounts for everyone. Just follow this link and use the code AMBWIN1 at checkout.)
    It’s winter in Almost, Maine. Salty waitresses, lost visitors, tough and not-so-tough women and men crack open some beer, start their snowmobiles, pitch a tent, and gather under the northern lights to try to make sense of this strange thing called love. Funny, sexy, sad, and ever-searching, the people of Almost, Maine are stalked by dreams and fears alike as they ante up again and again determined to get past the “almost” to capture the real. Love is local and the world is strange in this midwinter night’s dream.
  • We also happily welcome the thoroughly nice people at Chicken Soup For The Soul, who saw fit to send us a crate of their new & classic releases. Expect a lot of soup-related questions, and perhaps you can win something that will either lift your spirits if you’re feeling down, or that you can give to a relative for whom you have no idea what to buy. We’re fine either way.
  • That, plus we have more excellent prizes from GSN’s The Chase. Fresh questions from last week’s episode will be sprinkled throughout the week, so be sure to watch Tuesday nights at 8:00. (It’s also kind of a great show anyways.)

As always, thanks to our awesome and lovely sponsors for their support. If you’d like to join us, either for a one-off promotional opportunity or to advertise across our large and growing network, please do let us know. We’re always happy to share.

See you tonight.