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Thanks, Metropolis Nights!

Who's Honoring TRIVIANYC NowThis week, we had a nice person say a nice thing about us, and also give us a chance to say some nice things about one of our newest nights.

Metropolis Nights New Jersey is a monthly magazine serving New Jersey, and we’re thrilled to have been given a page (actually two, with the nice ad) in it to tell the nice people of the Garden State a bit about us and our new Tuesday Night Trivia at the Blue Moon in Jersey City.

(It’s on pages 22 & 23 of the online version, or you can just skip to the image scans we made. They’re here & here.)

I might have a couple of quibbles about it — my name ain’t “Triva,” it’s spelled High as in high, Tower as in tower (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty) — but they asked me a few questions and I answered them, and they made our little interview into a thing, and for that I for one am quite happy.

They’ve also done a bang-up job promoting our Jersey City Tuesday Trivia Party. Come on out and have a look.


This Week, The Dream Of The 90s Is Alive At Trivia

I Love The 90sWe’re in the middle of the most wonderful time of the year, a time where you get a slight glimpse of what people are really like, because of the kind of costume they wear. Sexy Ernie & Bert, sexy Kim Jong Un, sexy hamster, sexy Dan Rather, sexy dining room table, sexy icthyosaurus, or whatever it is when you just wander around downtown drunk and pantsless (so, Tuesday nights).

To that we say, pish. Trivia is supposed to be a respite from the relentless order of our days, and so we offer an alternative theme for the week to give that snowglobe a good shake.

It’s 1990s week, all week!

Nothing but questions about Blossom, Deep Blue, the Unabomber, the Presidents of the United States of America, Michael Jordan, Crystal Pepsi, Lollapallooza, and whatever else Michael Ian Black was going on about all that time. All 90’s, all week.

And we have some extra prizes as well for people who come dressed in 1990s gear! Wear that Oasis tour shirt under your ratty flannel jacket, go home with some huge prizes, courtesy of Astoria Bookshop & GSN, plus a couple of very large prizes to be given away to some very lucky players!

At Social Bar in Midtown, Jamie & Justin will be giving away packages from the Game Show Network. It’s gonna be, let’s see — what were the kids saying 20 years ago — bodacious and triumphant.

And — this is special — tonight, at Albatross in Astoria, Alanna & Jeanette (whose idea this was) will be giving away tickets to see Blue Man Group, in a package that’s worth at least $160. Your butt could be in a nice seat, if you know your 1990s this week!

See you tonight, and all this week!


Our Newest Tuesday: Whole Foods, Columbus Circle

Whole Foods Trivia Poster - detailThis week (Tomorrow! Tuesday!), we launch another brand new night, and it could not possibly be more central.

After the smash success of our new Wednesday night trivia at Whole Foods in Brooklyn, head office seems to have taken notice, and so we’re on the board to duplicate that work at the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle on Tuesdays.

To answer a couple of questions:

  1. Yes, the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle has a bar. It’s called On Tap, and I’m going to go ahead and say that if you’re a beer person, this place is going to have something awesome to offer you.
  2. For those of you who missed Astoria trivia legend Jarrod Hornbeck after his summer away from trivia, he’s back in the fold, bringing his two and a half years’ experience on the mic to this amazing place.
  3. While it’s unmistakably a bar for after-work hijinks, there will be lots of other prizes given away, which we fully and sincerely hope will include some kind of Whole Foods gift packages. Stay tuned for that.

Seriously, we are thrilled. It’s an early start (6:30 pm), but bring a team, or come solo and find some new players. And as always, spread the word. We want this to be as awesome as the Brooklyn Whole Foods Trivia, and once it’s up & running, we’re planning on a championship series between the two, with bigger prizes.

See you there!

Trivia.NYC – Masters Of A New Domain

Trivia.NYC now works too.

Trivia.NYC now works too.

We’re not moving or anything, but we do have a new doorway into the house now.

You can reach this page at trivia.nyc, as well as all the other usual ways. If you’re the type to tell people, pass it on.

That is all. Many thanks, and I hope to see you this week somewheres.

Gael Pub Trivia – A Letter To The Players

Gael Pub - Sign 2Hi, y’all.

Adam, Theresa & I are honored and thrilled to be given the keys to Tuesday Trivia at the Gael after Pete did such an amazing job. If we can hold up our end of this whole operation in the way you-all have become used to, we’ll be thrilled. I think you’ll like some of the things we have in store in the coming weeks. You’ll still recognize it as the trivia you’ve come to love, but if you have any suggestions about how we can make trivia better for you, let us know.

Tonight’s Categories:

  1. On This Day In History
  2. Fire (for National Fire Prevention Week)
  3. Censored Audio Clips
  4. Everybody Gets a Trophy
  5. Classic movie stills
  6. Before & After
  7. Our Final Countdown Question

Drink Specials?

A couple of things may change, but some things, like booze specials, are what made this country great.

$14 Miller Light pitchers, $3 SoCo Lime shots? A round of shots for Best Team Name? Sounds good to us.

And “buy a pitcher or shots for the table, and get a ticket good for one free point”? You got it. (One note: Last week was our first week, and we didn’t realize that the pitcher-point rule was good for only free point ticket per round. Eh, you got us.)

Don’t forget, Happy Hour goes until 8pm with $4 drafts, $5 well drinks, and $5 glasses of wine. Come early to get a good table, and remember to TIP YOUR STAFF WELL. Trivia is not a normal night, and the staff at the Gael are really good. We’d like them to stay and keep being great for us. Be generous with them, and they’ll be generous with you.

Other Prizes

Aside from the $100 gift certificate for first place (Yeah, $100! I know, right?), we’ll also be giving away a Best Team Spirit award, and a Best Handwriting/Answer Sheet Art award. We have DVDs, books, toys and other prizes from some great sponsors, and we’d like to hear and see your enthusiasm. I mean, having fun is kind of the point, isn’t it?

Requests & Feedback

Like we said up top, bar trivia for us is serious fun. We’re new to hosting at the Gael, and we want to make sure you have as much fun with us on a Tuesday night as possible. We’re proud of our work and our history, but I want to make sure you’re happy. If you have any suggestions, ideas for rounds, shoutouts, or anything else, do let us know.

The Gael Pub is on Facebook, Yelp, CitySearch and Foursquare/Swarm.
TriviaNYC is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and there’s a website with all the details.

One thing we like to say: If you like what we’re doing, then please, tell someone. If you don’t, please, tell us.

Holiday Parties

Does your company want to throw a holiday party with a twist? Does a trivia friend have a birthday coming up? We’ll put together a customized trivia party for you & your office or posse, with questions geared specifically to you, for not a lot! Let us know.

I think that’s it for this week. Thanks for letting us do our thing for you every Tuesday. We start at 8:30pm, but come early to catch Happy Hour and grab a good table. We’ll see you tonight!

Adam, Theresa & Tony