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Bar trivia what we provide full service operation

What We Provide

Trivia NYC is a full-service trivia operation. That means we provide professional, friendly, well-trained hosts who are committed to your bar, a full fresh night of well-rounded and carefully vetted questions, score-sheets, small door prizes, and marketing through our established network.

Our nights typically last one to two hours, depending on how rowdy our groups get, and can start at any time depending on the flow of the room and your needs. We can draw people in early to beef up your happy hour crowd, or later to keep the atmosphere lively as the night goes on.

What We're Looking For

We want to work with great people in great venues. If you think your bar is suited to a trivia night (and most are), we’ll do whatever is needed to make it work. We will set up a fun, memorable night that will keep people coming back, week after week. (Our Saturday event at One Star is over five years old and regularly brings over 100 keen quizzers out every Saturday night. While some of our newest venues are less than a year old, we’re consistently turning people away from full houses. We need more places for our players to play!) Ideally, we’ll plug into an existing audio system, but we’ll provide everything else! If you’re prepared to give a bar prize (a tab, a round, etc.) to the top-scoring teams, all the better, but we will always have small prizes provided through our sponsors.

Our Players

The folks who come out for our trivia nights are typically happy to spend and likely to stick around after the trivia comes to a close. Our players like to have a “home bar,” so you’ll start to see returning teams week to week – and some will bring additional friends to compete against. Our nights are a great way to turn first-time visitors into regulars. The host will consistently shout out your staff and specials, and you’ll be able to recognize the “trivia crowd” by their camaraderie and competitive spirit.

Fully Customizable

We are happy to accommodate any other ideas you might have. (Want to assemble a night for 20, or 200, on a Sunday afternoon, for a private party, or for a special event, like, say, Oscar Night or the Super Bowl? We can make that work.) We bring the city’s best trivia to your bar, and with it a new group of regulars who will associate your room with a good time. Join us! No other organization provides a better quality, more exciting brand of live trivia, week after week, than we do. We’re proven, and we’d love to have you join our family.
Fully custom customizable trivia night